It's 9/10/11 and everyone in New York seems to have a heightened sense of nervousness and fear. Security is as tight as it can be without Manhattan becoming imposible to move around.

I did two trips to the area around the new World  Trade Center to capture the people and the preparations around.

People moving around the World Trade Center

I started my trip seeing an oriental wedding in Wall St, the couple had a small army of photographers and videographers documenting the event

It is extremely rare to see cars running around Wall St in front of the New York Stock Exchange, the area is always closed to vehicle traffic favouring tourists

Policemen were everywhere, in the streets, managing traffic, etc and it seems they werent all that happy about having their picture taken, it's not an easy job, can't say I blame them.


St Chapel was full of ribbons with dedications written on them, it was a very nice touch and you could see it was having an effect on people

I manager to enter the Chapel at night, in that silence my camera's clicks felt like thunderstrikes, so after a few shots I decided to put it down.

As usual, these types of events bring quite a few colorful folk looking to spread their own unique message, oh yes, hang on to your seats because the world is ending....AGAIN!

Hey Captain America got a picture of me, I feel important now!

 Members of the fire department and police department were out in formal uniforms, it seems they were recognizing a few, I never got to find out the event.


At night there was a fire reported to Fulton St and three fire trucks were in the scene in what someone told me seemed like seconds. In this capture you can see the firefighters and the lights in tthe background is the World Trade Center


This is a closeup view of the WTC which is lighted with the colors of the flag

and a far away view taken with my friend's cellphone

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