Just over a week has passed since tropical storm Irene visited Manhattan so I would like to share a little fun adventure we did the day before it visited us.

As Irene got closer, we could see downtown growing quieter, very few people walking the streets except the occasional photographer documenting and business owners making last minutes preparations.I called my friend Cristian and asked him if he would like to appear in photos for a fun little project.

Wall St

Cristian is a ballet dancer from Puerto Rico, one very inspired person charged with more enegy than someone s hould have. When I called him with the idea he gave me a very enthusiastic yes and in 15 minutes after we were walking the streets.

We started our small walk at seaport, where we got the chance to take some very cool photos before the guard ordered us to move since we were apparently taking commercial photography. I need to brush up on my understand of photography in New York




Leaving from Seaport we saw the usually very busy Water St. completely empty except for the occasional car which of course made a great backdrop for Cristian’s jumping antics

Water St

Our short walk ended on the deserted Wall st, after which everyone had to leave to attend to last minute preparations.

Wall st


A special thanks goes out to my assistants, Cristian's brother Ian and Ronald,  which stood in the rain all this time trying their best not to seems miserable