I feel this is starting to become a trend, im not doing as many creative/commercial shots as before, so my posts are becoming more anecdotal and personal.With this in mind I'll relate some highlights of saturday september 24 where me and some friends both new and old visited Dumbo Arts Festival in Brooklyn.

when we first arrived at Brooklyn, the streets were pretty full of people visiting the festival all around the streets and in the museums.

As we entered the gallery I captured this funny door sign

Out of respect of the artists I didn't take pictures of the paintings, but of course that didn't stop me from taking photos of people in our group.

this is Joanne who we just met a few hours before looking as pretty as a doll while taking a photo

We did a lot of walking around on the streets, this is how our small entourage looked from my perspective

some random distracted girl texting nonstop.

Ok maybe no so random, that was Zelis whom I was presented too just a few hours before. She make some awesome leggings and blogs a bit at http://trendylovestyle.blogspot.com/and she also happens to look pretty funny behind a proyector screen with her umbrella.

Ian found quiet spot to do some levitation reading

Before continuing we stopped a while near the Brooklyn bridge

As part of the trip we also met Rafi Mercado, owner of the just released page http://www.noshowlikehome.com/

There were a few cargo containers which also contained exhibits, these usually were for smaller works and they made for a very interesting stop

We reached the area under the bridge where we saw a guy that had the most amazing hair ever. Sorry for the horrible quality, the bridge was beyond dark and I was bouncing the flash to a ridiculous distance

Now the show under the bridge is something that has to be experienced to really know how amazing it looks. The lights are mapped to the shape of the bridge, so you get a really trippy effect when it moves around. It was quite enjoyable.

I've added a video so you can have an idea how it looked


Saw another funny message when I was at the ATM

After leaving DUMBO I met my friend Karlo who had just arrived to NY and we proceeded to stop by Union Square while we waited for the rest of the people. For those that don't know, Union Square is filled with the most random of personalities all the time.

some kids playing around with glowy fingers.

dirty blonde woman who seemed to be having a bad day, kept texting for a long time.

Finally the rest of the group arrived and we went to a party located in a photo studio. Here is Cristian making everyone else look bad.

Inside it was just extremely hot, so I didn't stay very long, however I did get a few shots of Kiani, another person I had just met, doing some really awesome dancing for the crowd.

This is someone who I look forward to taking pictures in the near future


More to come!

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