I have a confession to make. I can never stay without doing anything for too long, my mind starts wandering too much and I need to keep it busy. This is part of the reason why i've played video games for so long, it helps but it's such a wasteful activity that I keep trying to find more productive ways to keep me distracted.

Today finally the hurricane had passed and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to take my bike outside and se what has been happening


Leaving my apartment I found Water Street eerily quiet (photo from my cellphone)


When I arrived to Seaport (supposedly the most dangerous area) I found reporters and dog walkers by the truckloads.


The water had actually gone up quite a bit in level, had Irene been category 2 or 3 then it would've been a serious danger to the area, I believe we were lucky that the storm lost power as it got closer.

dogga was about to jump in too

I headed out all along the east coat up to 34th street, but first a picture of my very green and trusty trek

South St. had some nice flooding they were trying to pump out

just a little bit uptown I found a crashed tree, poor tree :(

the bikeway was flooded in many sections, I wasn't sure if I would make it until a couple showed me how it was done


It wasn't bad at all, but damn my camera got wet 

more fallen trees

I've never been to this area in bike but I LOVED IT!, very relaxing and it was nice and windy

but a little farther north the walkway was full of debris

back in chinatown another big tree fell on the road. A policewoman was annoyed with me because I kept stepping in front of the line

more swimming bikes

almost home now

Seaport was still relatively empty compared to most weekends, I love it like that, it's usually full of tourist around this hour

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