Since moving to New York roughly four months ago, I get asked a lot what is my favorite thing about the city. Without a doubt this would be the fact that no matter how much I do, how many events I goto, im always feeling like im missing something awesome.


Saturday July 17 is the perfect example of days like this. Early in the afternoon there was quite an event at seaport with my friends from Davila 666 hitting the stage with a fury.The event was filled with liberal amount of mosh pits, crowd surfing and the usual silliness you usually see. Being a longtime fan of this band and seeing them grow as they have, I was quite happy to see them win the crowds in that beautiful summer day.


After the concert it was on to battery park for the famous Mp3 Experiment, something I was excited to be a part of. Representing the black shirts and carrying all sorts of illuminating items, the theme for this year ended up being playing with light. There was a moment were we danced with strangers, another moment were there was a a huge light saber battle and everyones favorite, the reenactment of a 1996 rave with glow-sticks and all.



After the official event ended, a person with a musical briefcase (I swear im not making this up) led the crowd to a party all around Battery Park, awesome times.



This is the official video for the event.

Can't wait to see what awaits me next time.