"Occupy Wall Street" is a protest which began in New York and is now spreading across America. Many people are wondering who these protesters are, so I decided to document the people supporting the movement. 

 Some of the people photographed here have been in Zuccoti Park since the first week of the occupation, others are just visitors drawn to see the community that has been created in support of this movement.

Rather than go and snap some ordinary pics, I took along a huge 5ft diameter light box to capture isolated portraits of the people participating. 

These are the people I met:




Some technical details;

For this I had a friend helping me using a 5 feet octabox with a a grid, it provided with a truly beautiful light that highlighted their eyes in a wonderful way. It was quite challenging shooting in that space with a 70-200 and so many people walking around the camp, but the end effect was worth it. All photos were taken October 7 10:30 pm - 11:30pm