Embracing an Accident 2012 -2015



This was my canvas,

A photo taken in 2007 and printed in 2012.

A beautiful underwater moment captured in a time

when my passion was purely photography

Over the next three years it would stand as witness to

my evolving work



The Accident:

It was on a creative photoshop with a painted model

a bucket of paint and water was thrown

It missed the model and hit the wall.

The canvas was covered in turquoise spatters.

I had destroyed my photo I thought.

Out of this mess I saw an opportunity.

Paint flew from skin to canvas, one temporary, one permanent.

From this moment on, the canvas became a participant. Always close to my photoshoots, collecting our energy and paint.



It became the silent witness to these moments. Moments where sexuality and colors where singularly expressed.

The splatters became numerous, as beautiful photographs emerged over time.


In February 2015 the canvas was completed.

This piece holds the only remaining physical evidence of these crazy creative experiences. 


 24 by 48 inches mixed media canvas mounted in an aluminum frame.
It comes with one of a kind signed art book detailing the story behind it's creation

Price: Inquire by e-mail

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