I work longterm.

Each image I print is the result of hundreds of hours of experiments. It is only after thousands of images have been shot that I select a single one to be a part of my series. These ones are made available for purchase, as very limited edition large format prints.

The skin collection
2009 - 2013

UkUmI16 (1).jpg

My original paint series. Started as an ongoing experiment and officially launched as a series in 2013. All my work has evolved from this series.

The BAthtub Experience
2013- 2016

The Bathtub Experiments. Three years worth of images using the bathtub as a creative studio. Where skin and paint is fused together to create fleeting textures that are captured in camera.

The Pretty Martian Women
2014- Ongoing

People become stunning colorful martians captured in their environment bringing an extraterrestrial sentiment…a Mars–like terrain. Very much a work in progress, it's something that I am very excited to be working on.