Hi, My name is Senén Llanos.

I'm a self taught fine art photographer originating from San Juan Puerto Rico.

I saw my first camera in my father's hand,  he was an avid Nikon enthusiast and I remember being fascinated by those heavy optic objects. It was while studying computer science at the University of Puerto Rico that I started experimenting with my own images, capturing images of friends close to me. Immediately falling in love with the medium. It wasn't until a close friend died that I learned about the power of an image, this served as a catalyst to take image taking more seriously.


I'm known for my work with paint and skin. Where I project form and my subjects personal energy through textures. I believe skin is the most interesting canvas of them all and especially love working with inspired people to create impossible beautiful imagery that celebrate our sexuality. We are nothing if not sexual creatures and while we tend to shy away from our nature it is when we accept it that we create art.


in 2011 I received the top prize for the New York Dancer Parade Photography Contest. Since them i've made it my priority to work with dancers of all types, they make impossible seem easy. They turn the theatrical and magnificent into something beautiful that almost seems easy.