I'm at my happiest when challenged to do great creative things.

I have a lot of respect for Juan Salgado, he's an dedicated artist and someone who constantly inspires me to do better.

He came to me with an idea and a challenge.


10 days, a 12 hour shoot and many buckets of paint later, this is the result

I'm proud to say this is my first art installation, a marriage of the photographer , the tattoos and the artist

It is now the front face of the Color Conspiracy Tattoo shop and art gallery.

Located in San Juan, PR Calle Loiza.


I'd love it if you saw it

A few thank yous

Thank you Juan for believing in me. 

To Marie, thank you for all your help, your work ethic is something to be admired! I think I might try being a vegan thanks to your amazing tacos!

To all the models, thank you for your patience and i'm sorry if the water was too cold!

As always very special thank you to my wife Camille for always being my right hand and dedicating so many hours with me on these crazy projects.

and to Kilomora, who provided me with tremendous assistance especially in the last night of mounting this . Thank you