Note: this series is part of a long term project I shoot every year with my friend Marien. If you want to read on the others years, you can check the previous blog entry here

It was the start of another year and another excuse to spend a day with Marien in Puerto Rico, getting in curious situations while capturing images. This year we decided on the sunset. Looking for the dying sun as we tried our best to capture the magic of the moment, we headed for the private beaches of Dorado where our good friends Yiyi and Gaby gave us access to a serene beach which served as the perfect backdrop for the session.

This time I left all the lights and only brought a reflector with me that my lovely fiancee was wielding for me. It seems almost like returning to the first year, going back to the basics and enjoying the simple pleasure of the shoot.

In order to reach the place, we had to jump climb down a wall which gave us plenty of privacy except for the rare lone fisherman that was in the area

This year we had a curious visitor, we noticed a stray dog that was walking all along the coast. 

He was a scared guy that didn't let us get closer, however he got stuck in the area and couldn't find the spot to climb out. We stopped shooting and tried our best to help him, but the little buddy wasn't having any of our help.

Seeing as we couldn't really do anything without risking getting bitten, we continued our shooting while he sat near us keeping a nervous and steady watch.

Marien as always is a joy and pleasure to shoot and helping us keep the shoot as fun and light as possible.

Once we finished shooting, we tried our hand at directing our buddy out of the rocks.

This time he finally listened to us and was able to find the path out of the rocks.

The last time I saw him he was enjoying a victory poop as he ran away to other adventures.

Once the shoot ended, we sat in great company hearing and telling funny stories, sad stories and just hating that the moment had to end. Until the next one...