Continuing my coverage on the New York Comic Con.

Growing up I was an avid comic reader with a hyperactive imagination and a serious lack of concentration abilities, the fantasy worlds were my escape and the people that made these worlds were my heroes.

I wanted some time to focus on the creative people that give us the stories and images.

Not just the leaders of their market, but also the independent illustrators, writers and publishers, those are inspired to follow what they love. Here in no particular order are those I could shoot at the Convention.

David K Wong

Arthur Suydan 'The Zombie King"

Kasra Ghanbari

Autumn Frederickson

Rafa Alburqueque

Stanley Lau

Chris Claremont

Daxiong Shen Yun

Tyler Walpole

Alex Garner

Bobby Chiu -character designer, creator and all around increidble artist

Rodney Ramos

Steve Defendini

Henry Minata

Zack Zellars

John Hughes

Garth Cameron Graham

Robert James Luedke

Mark Brooks

Mark Frankel


Newsha Ghasemi

Jaime Tyndall

Greg Horn

Q from Impractical Jokers

Sal from Impractical Jokers

Francesca with Impractical Jokers

William Lopa


Ron Marz

Brian K Vaughn

Fiona Staples

Dan Didio

Carlos M. Mangual