I like working with inspired people.

The kind of people who wake up at 4am just because they want to pursue a project of their own making. The kind of people that inspire you to be better and promote a healthy and positive attitude. Such was the case when I met with some old friends; all three of them also from Puerto Rico, people who are willing to leave their lands make some serious sacrifices in order to pursue their dreams.

Having met them in the island and enjoying different opportunities to collaborate with each one, it's pretty amazing to have all three of them here, in the most unlikely of places, the rooftop of a Wall St. building. 

After seeing this photo, Karlo begged Joel for a haircut

Karlo Ramos -  being a photographer/videographer from Aguadilla is one of the most peaceful people I know, he possesses an almost magical ability to stay calm no matter how stressful the situation. I always joke how he is the Zen master.

Having gaffer tape around... priceless

Joel Torres - Has been traveling for a few years now. As a hairstylist and an educator from TIGI. He is one of the few people I know to run out of space in his passport, and still enjoys every single trip he has to take.  

Sofia Maldonado - Sofia is a fantastic painter, choosing to imbue her works with social significance, it's great seeing her work being recognized in many different places.

I'm extremely proud to know each and every one of these people. All three of them have been willing to part with safe and comfortable in order to embrace bigger frontiers, to be able to show their work to a bigger crowd and not be limited with the opportunities living in a small (100x 35) island brings. Their choices, sacrifices and rewards is a confirmation of my own decisions, it can't be just about the money, about having a predictable life with a predictable outcome. Sacrifices have to be made in order to make your dreams happen and while the road is a never ending uphill battle, I know the day I am finally too old and tired to work I'll have something to show for it.