After years of hardwork I am finally able to present my new collection. It's called SKIN

I was extremely lucky to secure an fantastic location for my exhibition. the former penthouse of Elizabeth Arden which is an incredible apartment. Filled with history, from the custom made doors to the incredible changing spaces. Michael Reslan has this private showroom and let me present here.

My presentation was divided in two collections. A smaller older collection showing my underwater work.

And the Skin Collection. A project i've been working on for the last two years; images that are a celebration of the female form using flour, paint, water and everything else I can get my hands on to capture each person's unique personality.

Everyone gave visiting the exhibition gave me great feedback

I used the tv in the middle of the main room to show behind the scenes as well as some of the pieces that weren't in print

The location also includes an open area where you are greeted to some great sunsets, pictured Ian who made the suit I was wearing and Luis Ortiz from Million Dolar Listing NY.

This is me with my fiancee in front of everyone's favorite piece. I owe a lot to her, it's hard to tell people how lucky I really am.

It was great to introduce everyone to my work and answer questions regarding each piece.

All in all, the opening was a fantastic success. Looking forward for more exhibitions.